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Friday, November 6, 2009

Natural Brain Health

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Sam and Bunny Sewell

Invite you to listen in, online to:

A call in, Talk Radio program for Sentinel Radio

Friday, Nov 6th (8-10 PM ET)

The focus of this week’s program will be:

Natural Brain Health
Natural Solutions to Neurodegenerative Problems
Archived Radio Program 11/06/09 "Natural Brain Health" Click Here

The famous Chapter 16 from "I Fired My Doctors" that has become a "best seller" as a separate publication.

"The stress management chapter alone is worth the price of the book.”
Selwyn Mills, PhD

Click link below for a free copy of

Stress and Mood Management - Chapter 16

Other extensive wellness research at “The Natural Advocate”.

To listen to this program online, go to: To listen by phone or to call in with questions & comments: (646) 727-2652 (We’re always eager for your feedback!)
“We hold this truth to be self-evident; Our creator has endowed us with a laser straight path of natural thinking, feeling and behaving that has its origins in a sacred absolute reality. If we stray from that path we will experience pain. If we stay on that path we will be happy, healthy, and whole. “The Natural Advocate” will show you the guideposts and help you navigate along the centerline.
Here is the latest research posted on the Natural Advocate blog

Naturally Healthy Infants and Children
· Taking Fitness to Another Level
· Natural Solutions to ADD/ADHD
· · Losing inches and gaining health - naturally
Do you really want that government flu shot?
Natural Solutions to Male Health Risk from Toxins
VIVIX: The science behind this breakthrough produc...
Natural Molecule Increases Lifespan and "Healthspa...
Household Toxins and the Natural Solution
Economist lectures - starting a wellness business
Natural Wisdom - Don’t believe everything you hear...
Preventing and Reversing Disease Naturally
Natural way to look younger and live longer
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A Little Goes a Long Way and Costs Less
Cost Comparison Chart "Green" Cleaners
Cancer rate higher in home than at work
Non-Drug Mood Therapy Techniques Scientifically Va...
Natural Solutions for Mood and Stress Problems
The Natural Advocate!

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