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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eagerly anticipated announcement - Best Self USA

Please watch this three minute video as a preview to an eagerly anticipated announcement.

We have been building this major project for many years, and have spent the last 11 months making our training materials available online. Now, we have finally launched the new Computer Assisted Therapy web site.  Best Self USA  

This revolutionary way of delivering services will enable more people to get the help they need at a dramatically reduced price.  The amount of money clients will save, compared to conventional therapy, is explained in detail on the new website. 

Services already available:
*Communications Skills
*Conflict Resolution Skills
*Parenting Skills
*Mood and Stress Management Skills
 *Personality Types
*Personality Evaluation
*Personalized Counseling with a live therapist
And more on the way.
First Counseling Help Available
in the Privacy of Your Own Home
Nationwide 800-850-1987 -   Local (Naples, FL) 239-591-4565
The staff at the Best Self USA can help

you become the best you can be!