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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Listen to program by Sam and Bunny - “Feed Your Brain for Mood and Cognitive Health”.

Dear Friends

Please join us this coming Tuesday, Oct 14th at 8:45 ET, on Product Talks,
as Pastoral Psychotherapists, Drs Sam & Bunny Sewell discuss
 “Feed Your Brain for Mood and Cognitive Health.

These  calls are every Tuesday evening, at
8:45 Eastern Time,  7:45 PM Central Time,  6:45 Mountain Time,  5:45 Pacific Time

The dial-in number is (212) 990-8000 pin number  6262#
Calls are archived at: ID & PW both:  shaklee.

Mood and cognitive disorders almost always have a biological contributing factor. Thus our solutions for these conditions require biological solutions.  Conventional mental health treatment is based on drugs. All drugs have side effects. Most people are not aware that there are natural solutions that are drug free. ADD/ADHD – Anxiety, Depression, Irritability, Stress and many more problems are resolved with nutritional solutions.

Orthomolecular psychopharmacology, a phrase with lots of syllables, simply means: applying the correct natural molecules to treat mood and cognitive disorders.  The pioneers in this field were two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and Dr. Abram Hoffer. Ground breaking work by Dr. Carl Pfeifer, Dr. George Samra and others in the nutritional basis of such symptoms has given us some clinical guidelines that consistently produce significant results.

People who have been under high levels of stress for an extended period of time, or who have placed their bodies under physiological stress through high levels of adrenaline or incorrect nutrition often experience severe perceptual problems or emotional symptoms which “won’t go away.” Stress depletes the level of serotonin (a neurotransmitter) in the brain which has a profound effect on cognitive ability and mood. While medications such as Prozac and other Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) do not elevate the levels of serotonin in the system, nutritional therapy can increase the systemic serotonin levels. 

Other biological causes that effect mood and thinking are blood sugar levels, hormones, metabolism, and nutritional deficiencies.

Join Sam and Bunny Sewell, Directors of Best Self USA, a counseling and life skills training clinic for a discussion on “Feed Your Brain for Mood and Cognitive Health”.
How can we help both children and adults to manage moods and be in charge of their brains, without the detrimental side effect of drugs? A very informative video and text on the subject are available at the Sewell’s clinic web site: 

Here is a link to a free copy of Stress and Mood Management from our book

and another link to a fundamentally important but simple principal about intelligent supplementation called the
Silver Bullet Approach”.

Feel free to send questions in advance to:
Spread the word to your friends and family so we can help them finally get some relief!

Tuesday, Oct 14th, 5:45 PT - 8:45 ET. We’ll be on 10 minutes early to welcome you, & answer your questions!