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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Natural Approach for Creating Wellness vs. The Traditional Medical Model of Treating Disease - Very important simple concept

A holistic, natural approach to health does not look for a “silver bullet” cure for a specific problem. Traditional western medicine finds a specific diagnosis and then prescribes a specific treatment for that diagnosis, often overlooking the effect of that treatment on every cell in the body. Modern medical doctors usually treat symptoms rather than the cause of the problem. Doctors also treat the disease rather that treating a person. 

The holistic approach to health looks at the whole person and creates wellness rather than treating disease. Natural, nutritional solutions to health problems are an important part of medicine, and were given the name Orthomolecular Pharmacology by Dr. Linus Pauling. Pauling is one of only four individuals to have won more than one Nobel Prize. Pauling’s work was ridiculed and he was viciously attacked by the medical establishment and drug companies.  Why?  Here is a clue; you can’t get a patent on a natural molecule so much of the profit motive was eliminated. 

Natural molecules can keep us well and reverse disease without the side effects usually seen with drugs. These natural molecules work in harmony with each other and create a synergistic effect (the total effect is greater than the sum of the constituent parts.) It isn’t a specific molecule aimed at a specific condition that gets results. Rather, it is the synergy of the whole spectrum of nutritional molecules working together that reverses disease and keeps us well.

Even people who should know better get confused. The traditional medical paradigm has so influenced our culture that even well-educated nutritional specialists sometimes give advice like, “If you have ________ then you should take _______”. Please keep in mind that to reverse disease and create health  you need to optimize your orthomolecular solutions by relying on the synergistic effect of full spectrum nutrition.

To illustrate this principle let me share the experience of a good friend who recently had heart problems. He had read one of the first drafts of my book, “I Fired my Doctors and Saved my Life,” so when he finished talking to his cardiologist he came to see me. I showed him My Total Life Saving Regimen in the appendices of my book and he began doing what had saved my life. In a recent visit to his cardiologist he reported that his symptoms were gone and the doctor’s examination verified that there had been significant improvements.  “The medications I prescribed are doing a better job than usual.” said the doctor.  “I haven’t been taking medications. Here is the list of what I am doing”, replied my friend. A growing look of bewilderment crossed over the doctor’s face as he read the extensive list of supplements and life style change included in My Total Life Saving Regimen. Not being accustomed to the synergistic effect of full spectrum nutrition and life style change he handed the papers back to my friend and said, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

Here is an article in a regional newspaper in Southwest Florida that covered one of our Mensa Health Sciences Seminars on natural solution to health issues.

Natural Health Advocates Speak Out About “Best Medicine”

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