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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Natural Wisdom - Don’t believe everything you hear!

Want to live longer & feel better?
Don’t believe everything you hear!

The drug companies deliberately skew science.

There has been a controversy swirling around the world about nutritional supplementation for decades. It seems like nearly every week you read stories in the news claiming a particular vitamin demonstrates NO effect on the prevention of a certain disease…

Even worse, news stories inundate us with the “dangers” of taking nutritional supplements. Recent headlines scream warnings, like beta-carotene increases risk of lung cancer. One headline tried to link vitamin E to in-creased deaths in elderly heart patients. Another says that even good old Vitamin A is down right dangerous.

There are various ways scientific researchers commit deliberate scientific “errors” when reporting on these “ineffective” vitamins!

Like how they deliberately use vitamin forms known to be inferior in the studies they conduct — cheaply compounded, poorly absorbed, low quality..

Like how they knowingly study single vitamins (even when biochemistry has demonstrated the dramatic benefits of certain vitamins working together, in concert)...

Or like how they fail to take into account major factors affecting participants, such as their diet or exposure to other health risks...

And I’ll bet you can guess the major role pharmaceutical industries play in these vitamin horror stories! So don’t be duped by media and big business-driven lies & half-truths!

Why would big drug companies be interested in the outcome of vitamin studies? Well, common sense tells us that there is much more money to be made pushing drugs one must take for a lifetime, than in addressing real health deficiencies. You can't get a patent on one of God's molecules.

Scientific research tells us that there is more compelling reason for drug companies to discourage the use of high quality nutritional supplementation.

The average person over age 65 has taken 19.1 prescriptions.

The average person 50 to 65 has taken 7.6 prescriptions.

The Shaklee user for 20+ years has taken 0.6 prescriptions. (avg. age 62)

How can I find out what is natural, safe, and effective?

What healthy alternatives do you have? Especially when prescription – and even non-prescription – medications carry so much extra baggage in the form of dangerous side effects, not to mention the fact that these drugs don’t really address the cause of the problems, just the symptoms.

We share the SCIENTIFIC TRUTH on the effectiveness of nutritional supplementation!

Recently, the University of California at Berkley did a long-term (20 year) study of the effectiveness of supplements.

The scientists who conducted this research are the leaders in their field.

The study was published in a peer reviewed scientific journal: see the abstract at:

We will reveal and discuss this research and shed some light on such questions as:

* What supplements can I use that have the highest safety & effectiveness?

* Is there a significant difference between the health of high quality supplement users & non users?

* Are there certain kinds of vitamins that can actually damage my health?

* How can I get started on a simple, easy-to-manage, scientifically validated supplement regimen?

Feeling Good? Here’s how to stay that way!


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