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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The most significant advance in health science in your lifetime.

News Release

Health Sciences Seminar
The most significant advance in health science in your lifetime.


Monday Health Sciences Seminar

Monday, October 4th 7 PM

PLEASE RSVP 591-4565 Seating limited!

10202 Vanderbilt Dr (NE Corner at 102nd Ave) Naples, Fl 34108

This is an educational meeting,
not a sales meeting.

Open to the public. MENSA membership not required

The science behind this breakthrough:

Unlocking the secrets of biological aging is perhaps the ultimate scientific quest—and significant progress has occurred in the last decade in the understanding of the aging process. Scientists and the general public have become aware of the compelling research on a compound found in red wine called resveratrol, and its ability to extend lifespan in many different laboratory studies.

• Help protect and repair cellularDNA

• Positively impact genetic regulators

• Promote mitochondrial biogenesis

• Slow AGE protein formation


ALSO: Learn about Nutrition’s 20 year Landmark Study!

Recently the University of California at Berkley did a long term (20 year) study of the effectiveness of supplements. The scientists who conducted this research are leaders in their field.
The study was published in a peer reviewed scientific journal:

Gladys Block, Christopher D Jensen, Edward P Norkus, Tapashi B Dalvi, Les G Wong, Jamie F McManus and Mark L Hudes.
Nutrition Journal , 6:30doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-30

Want to live longer and feel better?

Learn about Nutrition’s 20 year Landmark Study

We will reveal and discuss this research and shed some light on such questions as:
* What supplements can I use that have the highest safety & effectiveness?
* Is there a significant difference between the health of high quality supplement users & non users?
* Are there certain kinds of vitamins that can actually damage my health?
* How can I get started on a simple, easy-to-manage, scientifically validated supplement regimen?
Already Feeling Good? Here’s how to stay that way!
Bring your friends to our Health Sciences Seminar!

Our meeting will get down to the scientific truth about the effectiveness of nutritional supplementation.

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