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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natural Supplements Work - Landmark Study key findings

Natural Supplements Work - Landmark Study key findings

Landmark Study ~ key findings

Shocking Revelation - If you are not using natural supplements the supplements you are taking may actually put you more at risk for disease than taking nothing at all.
You’ll see that taking no multi-vitamin may is safer than taking other company brands. Shaklee Corporation came out of the study with bragging rights that it’s users had markedly lower incidence of coronary heart disease, angina, congestive heart failure, diabetes, stroke and emphysema not to mention lower homocysteine, LDL,(bad cholesterol), Triglycerides and higher HDL (good cholesterol).
Quote from Landmark Study:
"In general, disease prevalence was lower in multiple dietary supplement users as compared to single multivitamin users and nonusers. Long-term supplement users also had a lower risk of elevated blood pressure and diabetes compared to single multivitamin users and nonusers."

The groundbreaking study of long-term dietary supplement users showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both multivitamin and non-supplement users alike. The attached study at the link below is long, but could make a huge difference in your health! Please note that persons who took low quality supplements were at higher risk for disease than those who took nothing. Shaklee supplement users had significantly lower incidences of disease.
Nutrition Journal 2007, 6:30 doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-30

If you're like nine out of 10 Americans, you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, which can really affect your health down the line. That's a great reason to supplement what you eat. But the important question is, how do you feel today?

The average person over age 65 has taken 19.1 prescriptions.

The average person 50 to 65 has taken 7.6 prescriptions.

The Shaklee user for 20+ years has taken 0.6 prescriptions. (avg. age 62)

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