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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Health Sciences Seminar - Saturday, April 16th from 1-3PM

Are you exposing your children to a TOXIC BREW at home?

Exposure to many common household cleaners may be making you & your children sick!

“We are conducting an enormous experiment on our children. People assume that if it is on the store shelf, it has been tested and it is safe, but you can not make that assumption…”
Kathy Cooper, Sr Environmental Law Researcher

You are invited to attend our
monthly Health Sciences Seminar
Saturday, April 16 from 1-3PM

10202 Vanderbilt Dr
,NE corner @
102nd Ave
Naples, FL 34108

We will be looking at some of the N hidden dangers N lurking under our sinks in products like:         
, 1-3PM
     N  Air Freshener (aerosol)     N Automatic Dishwashing Liquid and Powder     N Bleach (liquid and powdered)
     N Carpet Shampoo                N Drain Cleaner                                                N Fabric Softener Sheets
     N Mouthwash                       N Perfume/Cologne                                           N Window Cleaner

Despite the chemical industry uproar and legal threats, we have a copy of the video     
which cleaning product manufacturers DO NOT want you to see!

In honor of EARTH DAY, come & view the shocking documentary:


Learn what we can do to be responsible caretakers for our loved ones and our earth!

We seem to be a society obsessed with cleanliness. We want our whites whiter and our bathrooms and kitchens hospital-grade disinfected. Industry has answered: today's cleaning products promise faster, easier, and better results with no scrubbing. But is our clean-freak streak harming our kids? In this video, we ask several experts, including a toxicologist, a senior researcher, a prominent pediatrician, an indoor air quality specialist, and an expert on chemical hazardous information. You'll be shocked at what they tell us.

Many childhood illnesses are rising at a very worrisome rate. Respiratory illness is now the leading cause of admission to hospitals for children. Childhood asthma has jumped by 400 percent over the last 20 years. Learning problems like ADD are on the rise. After injuries, cancer is now the leading cause of death in children between the ages of 5 and 9. Incredibly, most of the 80,000 chemicals in common use today have never been checked for harmful effects to our children's immature brains and immune systems.

We will help you find healthier alternatives for you, your family, and our planet.
RSVP 239/591-4565

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