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Friday, September 4, 2009


Talk Radio - 8 PM Friday - Sept.4

Friday night’s show will feature a special guest. The host of “Weekly Candor with Wish” will join Sam and Bunny for our discussion of the upcoming winter flu season and other Natural solutions to health problems. “Wish” is a very knowledgeable health professional who has recently researched many aspects of the expected flu epidemic for her own talk radio show on Sentinel Radio. Sam and Bunny have been guests on Wish’s show and we enjoy working with her.
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Sam and Bunny Sewell
Invite you to listen in, online to:


A call in, Talk Radio program for Sentinel Radio

Friday, Sept. 4th (8-10 PM ET)

The focus of this week’s program will be:

Preventing and Reversing Disease Naturally – Part II

Sam and Bunny will be discussing how natural molecules are often a better choice than drugs

Do you really want that government flu shot?

Warning: Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
September 2009 72,962

Would your rather choose the natural solution to Immune Heath,
or do you prefer the government flu shot?
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To listen by phone or to call in with questions & comments: (646) 727-2652

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“We hold this truth to be self-evident; Our creator has endowed us with a laser straight path of natural thinking, feeling and behaving that has its origins in a sacred absolute reality. If we stray from that path we will experience pain. If we stay on that path we will be happy, healthy, and whole. “The Natural Advocate” will show you the guideposts and help you navigate along the centerline."

Every year, just prior to the impending "flu season," the CDC and their acquiescent media pawns terrorize the American public with false claims regarding annual flu deaths. The CDC boldly asserts that 36,000 people die every year from the flu. Such scare tactics are calculated to increase flu vaccine sales. However, according to the CDC's own official records documented in National Vital Statistics Reports, only a few hundred people die from influenza (flu) on an average year. And many of these deaths occur in people with preexisting conditions, weakened immune systems, and the elderly. For example, in 2002, 753 people died from the flu. The year before, in 2001, just 257 people died from the flu. (Fifty-nine percent of these deaths occurred in people 75 years or older; 75 percent occurred in people 55 years or older.) To put these numbers in perspective, 3,454 Americans died from malnutrition in 2001 -- 13 times greater than the number of flu deaths! That same year, there were 4,269 deaths attributed to asthma, a condition some studies have linked to vaccines.

HAT TIP TO : Neil Z. Miller
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"WISH" aka WishUponAStar is a true conservative, a patriot, a political activist, talk show host, free-lance writer and illustrator, well educated, out spoken, highly energetic, enthusiastic, passionate lady!  We asked Wish to tell us about herself.  Here is what she said:

I just started in radio this past January and it was a complete surprise. I called into a radio show and was urged by the owner to continue to remain on the air. I had called in to express my concerns about canine cancers and other illnesses that more readily seen (even pediatric cancers like leukemia) where property owners use pesticides to treat their grass. The next thing, I knew is that I was asked to become a regular caller, then a guest, and then after calling in and talking about a variety of political issues I was offered a chance to be a co-host and then eventually became a host for my own show.

Moreover, I have been a local activist for this cause as I have seen Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" in my backyard, once a pristine and inviting habitat for many species of birds, amphibians, and reptiles, this is no longer the case as weeds that thrive in fertilizer contaminated waters and swamps choke the indigenous varieties throwing mother nature into a tail spin that is both quiet and bleak. Most recently, due to clear cutting of trees, next door to my property which borders a pond, the once vernal (seasonal) pools have become a permanent fixture to the accompanying wetlands that were once seemingly dry. Many of the trees (near century old pines with shallow roots) are drowning. As a result, these trees are more disease prone and others are merely falling over. Without the trees that once drank literally hundreds to thousands of gallons of water daily, the tranquil waters are rising, creating a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. And interesting enough, these variables have most certainly contributed to a recent discovery, for the potentially lethal and/or neurologically damaging mosquito-borne disease, EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis), has just been detected in my backyard.

Last year, I was regularly blogging and writing on behalf of Mitt Romney and later John McCain, as I worked on both campaigns. I have been active in politics for years, behind the scenes, however. But I must admit this, that having a voice on the radio has helped me vent, express my love and profound pride for my country, and it gives me a chance to fight for the America I am in fear of loosing, because a nation without Godly leaders and a similar meandering electorate to me is a nation that is lost. So I am committed to educating the public and hopefully enlightening my audience with issues that are not only relevant to their lives, but just might give them added encouragement to make the most out of their lives. And, hopefully I will not only stimulate them to become active in their communites, but to have a voice that expresses their outrage in the "change" we have all experienced.

As you know, I have a show called Weekly Candor with Wish and it airs, Wednesday's 9:00 to 11:00 pm, EST. I have had the great fortune to work with a variety of excellent co-hosts; they have brought so much to my life: a renewed passion for this country, a reaffirmation of my faith in the Lord, and greater clarity on what it means to be a true conservative and leader in these most troubled times. I cannot thank them enough for their friendship, advice, genuine interest in all that I do; the gifts they have given me are priceless. I am truly blessed.

Additionally, I report news that few are willing to do, my stories are timely, relevant, and are presented with a serious true conservative philosophy and unquenchable thirst for the truth. I am delighted to share my love for this country, for its veterans, and our active military here and abroad. I make an effort to share my concerns about the status of our veterans especially with regard to their health care and other needs. I report the news, but do it with heart, on a personal level, and often share personal commentary of other bloggers and some of the best writers on the internet media outlets with pride. I am also an active blogger and writer for several well known websites. I contribute to various news organizations regularly and submit ideas or current articles for distribution on popular websites.

On my program, I poke fun at the "do nothing" Congress, the usurper presidency, and the absurd, yet extraordinarly threatening notion of a new Constitutional Convention. I am also concerned with illegal immigration and the rising population of Muslims around the world and how that significant change in population demographics will change this world, and not for the better. I am literate on the cases that have been brought to the courts which question Barack Obama's lack of constitutional eligibility to serve at POTUS. Additionally, I have attended Tea Parties to protest the actions of the Obama administration which are causing America's economic collapse. Morevover, I participate with local militia and other groups which protect the sovereingty of my home state. Furthermore, I cannot wait to ask a question at a local town hall meeting to express my disdain for the proposed soon to be voted in via "nuclear option" socialist health care plan. I am well versed in Obamacare and have some detailed knowledge about national health systems in both the UK and in Canada. I am also fascinated with the complex development and correspondingly all too quick approval of the proposed controversial H1N1 vaccine for the alleged pandemic that could, quite possibly be man-made.

I am a well read, curious, thoughtful, hopefully articulate, well educated individual who desires to help educate others. I hold a paralegal degree, a nursing license, and a bachelors degree in political science. I have attended business school as well and I have studied at the graduate level both advanced biological and medical sciences. I have background in DNA Recombinant technology/research where I explored the genetic origins of a debilitating neuromuscular disease, likewise I was once involved in cancer research in the development of various chemotherapeutic drugs. And, more recently, I have tried to become well informed about alternative medicine's approach to preventing and treating diseases associated with aging. For the past several years and since I entered radio land, I have been a long term caretaker for both of my parents and served as their patient advocate and nurse.

I am actively engaged in homeschooling groups and have served as text book and curriculum consultant, and teacher. I am an avid gardener and nature enthusiast, and I enjoy classical piano. I hope one day to either continue in the field of medical journalism or continue my education either in biomedical sciences or the study of law or a combination of the two! But for right now, I am having a blast working in radio as I have met so many fine and committed patriots that share in the quest to help save this great country of ours!

God Bless America!

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