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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sam and I have the privilege of speaking on Barb Lagoni’s PRODUCT TALKS program at 7:45 Central, this Tuesday, September 25.

Here’s the dial in number:  212/990-8000 6262#  Thanks for helping spread the word! J

Sam and I have the privilege of speaking on Barb Lagoni’s PRODUCT TALKS program at 7:45 Central, this Tuesday, September 25.
Our topic this Tuesday will be   HEART HEALTH!
A little better than six years ago Sam had a “surprise” heart attack. They told him that if he didn’t have a heart transplant he wouldn’t live until Thanksgiving.  After exploring the risks of conventional medicine, we opted to use alternative solutions. Two years later, with no drugs and no surgery, Sam’s Ejection Fraction had gone from 15 to 40! He walks 3+ miles a day, has been to several Global Conferences and is enjoying the yearly bonus trips.  Many of you have visited with us personally. J
Our book, I FIRED MY DOCTORS AND SAVED MY LIFE, has been an inspiration to thousands who have health challenges, be it heart, cancer, diabetes, or any of a number of other issues.
Our goal is to provide people a tool they can pass on to inform others of alternatives that doctors usually don’t; specifically, that if we give our bodies what they need, many serious issues CAN be reversed or prevented.
Sam’s Total Life Saving Regimen continues to evolve since our book was first published.  We would expect people to make their own decisions and personally customize this regimen to suit their unique needs. The better we eat and the more we exercise, the better we feel!

Invite your friends to dial in this Tuesday by 7:45PM, CT to hear us talk from first hand experience about the difference a total life style change can make for a vital future. You can email your questions in advance, or during the broadcast to:

Keep choosing healthier alternatives!
          Sam and Bunny Sewell

Who do you know with heart issues?
    Read Sam & Bunny’s story of triumph over adversity!
Doctors, drugs and surgery are not always the best answer!
         Includes LANDMARK STUDY, and
scientifically validated Total Life Saving Regimen available at:

      Sam went from “NEEDING A HEART TRANSPLANT”
       to walking 4 miles a day, with NO Drugs or Surgery!

      You can buy personally autographed copies of our book
        Healthy, Natural Alternatives to Drugs and Surgery
     by calling: 239/591-4565 ($20ea + $5 S/H)
   or email requests to:
Buy several as gifts: FREE S/H on additional copies to same address
            (Contact us for quantity discounts)
                        (10202 Vanderbilt Dr, Naples, FL 34108)

PDF download copies ($12.50) can be sent instantly to you or to friends,
so you can begin reading right away!  
        View videos at:
     Read our famous Chapter 16 on Stress Management at:
        Information also available at

       For before and after pics of Sam, who lost over 100#,

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Health Sciences blog:

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