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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mensa Health Sciences Seminar

Mensa News Release
Contact:   239/591-4565

Mensa Health Sciences Seminar
Sponsored by the South West Florida MENSA Chapter
Mensa membership is not required; this seminar is open to the public.
On Saturday, October 6 at 2 PM - Sam and Bunny Sewell are hosting:


Have you noticed that shortly after a drug company advertizing blitz about the latest “wonder drug,” there is another advertizing blitz from lawyers wanting you to join a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the same “wonder drug.”  “Dangerous Prescription” is a look inside the FDA, its recent record, and the debate over whether our nation’s drug safety system is broken.

As medications assume ever-larger roles in health care, the importance of FDA approval mounts. But what do average Americans know about the FDA process? What happens when a drug product harms consumers, and what role do drug companies play in approving and monitoring drugs?

DANGEROUS PRESCRIPTION offers a FRONTLINE investigation into the FDA and drug safety process, revealing the questionable effectiveness of the FDA in identifying or testing the efficacy of drugs they “approve” that soon are shown to not work, or cause significant harm.

This is an extremely important issue to millions of Americans!
Please share this with anyone who takes, or cares about, people who take prescription medications.

Always good discussions afterward.  Feel free to bring friends!

The follow up seminar, offering healthy alternatives to drugs, will be held the following Saturday October 13 at 2 PM

Sam & Bunny Sewell
10202 Vanderbilt Dr
(NE corner, @ 102nd Ave)
Naples, Fl 34108
Contributions benefit the Mensa Scholarship Fund

Limited space, please let us know ASAP if you would like to attend
RSVP: 239/591- 4565  

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