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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Medical Doctor joins Best Self USA as nutrition specialist

Medical Doctor joins Best Self USA
 as nutrition specialist

First Nationwide Counseling Clinic
 Available in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Best Self USA is a full spectrum counseling and life skills training facility offering NATIONWIDE distance counseling services in the privacy of your own home by use of voice, video, online and other media.


Media Interview: 1-800-850-1987

(Naples, FL) Best Self USA is an innovative Counseling and Life Skills Clinic.  They have been helping people for more than 40 years, and are applying the latest research and technology.

Best Self USA is very pleased to welcome Uma Dunn, MD to our staff.  Dr. Uma Dunn was raised in the United States by Indian parents. Her father was a doctor for the Veterans administration.

When it came time for her to follow in her father’s footsteps, she returned to her native India and received her medical training at the Faculty of Medicine at Nagarjuna University, graduating in 1989. Her medical education in India has been evaluated by Josef Silny and Associates, International Education Consultants and Foreign Credential Evaluation and Verification, who certified Dr. Dunn’s education in India as the equivalent of a “U.S. degree of Doctor of Medicine at a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the United States.”

Soon after graduating from medical school Dr. Dunn decided that she wanted to be a different kind of healer. She extensively researched using natural molecules to create wellness, rather than using drugs or surgery to treat disease. This significant paradigm shift in medicine is attracting increasingly more medical doctors and is known as “Orthomolecular Medicine” or “Functional Medicine.”  For information on orthomolecular solutions to mental health problems see:

Dr. Dunn serves Best Self USA as our resource person for orthomolecular psychopharmacology, (using nutrition to create healthy cognition, moods, and behavior). She contributes to Best Self USA, living up to its goal of “Finding nutritional solutions for emotional problems

She is also our primary consultant for nutritional guidance in creating general wellness of our bodies and minds.

Dr. Dunn resides in Naples, FL with her husband and daughter.

Recently Best Self USA has launched a new web site, added new staff members, and expanded their services to include full spectrum counseling and life skills training to a nationwide clientele. They are now serving clients across the country.

Other groundbreaking services provided by Best Self USA include:

·         Marriage and Family Counseling services, delivered by a husband/wife therapy team.
·         A MENSA Gifted Child Coordinator on staff for children and teens
·         Cognitive/Behavioral techniques. Short term, solution focused therapy.
·         Secure and confidential services for clergy and lay leaders
·         Excellent results using drug-free nutritional solutions for treating emotional problems
·         On staff medical doctor for nutritional consultation.
·         Coaching for successful business executives and those who want to become successful
·         State of the art Diagnostic tools to pin-point problem areas and strengths
·         Training materials provided to supplement counseling sessions, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
·         The staff at Best Self USA can help you to become the best you can be!

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