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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mother Forced to Hand Over Child After Refusing to Medicate Her With Psychiatric Drugs

Mother Forced to Hand Over Child After Refusing to Medicate Her With Psychiatric Drugs

Health freedom champion and civil rights defender Maryanne Godboldo was victimized by an armed attack led by Child Protective Services. CPS officials conspired with local law enforcement to threaten Maryanne with deadly force and kidnap her daughter. And what did Maryanne do to deserve this treatment? She refused to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs and, instead, chose to treat her daughter holistically.

Welcome to the new health care police state in America, where if you refuse to inject your child with dangerous vaccines or refuse to medicate your child with mind-altering psychotropic drugs, you are considered An enemy of the state.

Maryanne Godboldo recently spoke with Mike Adams, editor ofNaturalNews, to describe what really happened and how she is working to stand up for parents' rights, civil rights and human rights. Watch the full interview below:


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