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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is human DNA in vaccines putting our children at risk of autism and other disorders?

How could the fact have been kept from us that, for decades, many vaccines have contained cells from a human cell line originally grown from aborted fetuses?

Are the media so busy camping outside Charlie Sheen's house they just don't have time for something this "minor"?

But let's put aside the glaring ethical issue for just a minute (if you can). Because there's a follow up issue that's just as important...

Is human DNA in vaccines putting our children at risk of autism and other disorders?

A shocking revelation...

Yesterday, I introduced you to researcher Helen Ratajczak who recently published a review of autism research that covers the full history of the disorder.

In a CBS News interview, Ratajczak described one part of her findings this way: Some kids are genetically hypersensitive. Damage occurs when their immune systems are thrown out of balance by the intense onslaught of numerous childhood vaccines. She believes this may be one of the causes of autism.

The CBS report balances coverage of the topic with an accompanying interview with Dr. Brian Strom, a vaccine safety expert who has served on panels for the Institute of Medicine.

Dr. Strom is pro-vaccine and explains that vaccines are not scientifically linked to autism. Okay, but then he has a huge blockbuster detail of his own to share.

According to Dr. Strom, the prevailing medical opinion is that vaccines ARE scientifically linked to brain damage.

Brain damage!? may not be autism, but doesn't it seem like brain damage risk would be kind of a GLARING red flag that something is potentially very dangerous here?

But then CBS appears to blindside Dr. Strom with a double bombshell revealed in Ratajczak's review: 1) More than 20 vaccines contain human DNA, and 2) Shortly after DNA was included in vaccines in the U.S. and the UK, autism rates spiked in both countries.

Shockingly, Dr. Strom admits to CBS that he's not aware that vaccines contain human DNA. His reaction: "It does not matter...Even if human DNA were then found in vaccines, it does not mean that they cause autism."

In his DREAMS it doesn't matter! Mixing DNA from one body with DNA in another body creates the potential for PROFOUND changes! It couldn't matter MORE!

I can't imagine how anyone could read Helen Ratajczak's review (along with Dr. Strom's feeble vaccine defense) and try to convince themselves that vaccine safety or the autism link is a dead issue.

And whether it matters to Dr. Strom or not, it matters a LOT to me that Big Pharma has used cells grown from aborted fetal tissue to farm vaccines and that we're just finding out about it now!

Think this debate is over? Oh no...I am just getting warmed up!

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  1. That discusting fact has not been totally hidden. Those in the pro-life movement are great at spreading the word.