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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Would you like to look better, feel better, live longer?

Would you like to look better, feel better, live longer?

Vitalizer is one quick easy way to boost your resiliency, energy & vitality, enhance your immune function, and manage stresses of everyday life. Backed by over 90 years of clinical research, Vitalizer is guaranteed to improve eye, lung, heart & muscle health, while protecting the nervous system, genetic material & prostrate health. The patented delivery system is proven to get the right nutrients to the right places at the right time, guaranteeing healthier:

Nutritional Levels
Homocysteine Levels
HDO Cholesterol
Overall Health
Better Digestion
More energy
Better Sleep

Eat right, exercise, reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks diabetes, strokes, heart failure. 100% guaranteed or your money back! Join us Monday to learn more!

Shaklee Vitalizer VideoWatch this Shaklee Vitalizer video and learn why Vitalizer was fifty years in the making, based on 12 Shaklee clinical studies, with 80 bio-optimized clinically proven nutrients. Vitalizer provides the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.* Now with NEW higher levels of Vitamin D3, clinically supported for bone, heart and immune health. (4 minutes)

2009 Cinch video featuring people who have lost weight with Cinch (4 minutes.)

2009 Cinch Video - English

2009 Cinch Video - Spanish

NutriFeron Video
This video highlights the benefits of NutriFeron--a Shaklee exclusive. NutriFeron is a patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts. Taken daily, NutriFeron strengthens immune response by boosting the body’ natural interferon.* (3 ½ minutes.)

Vivix Video

Vivix 2009 Video, Spanish
The Vivix video describes why Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging* Tonic is a revolutionary breakthrough and how it impacts the four key mechanisms in the fight against cellular aging. (2 minutes.)

Join us Monday 7PM to learn how you can benefit! RSVP
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Products in harmony with nature! Sam & Bunny Sewell

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