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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poisonous elements in popular protein drinks

Poisonous elements in popular protein drinks
ANI, Jun 15, 2010, 04.38pm IST

Protein drinks contain poisonous elements, according to a new report.

A monthly review of consumer products and services, the Consumer Reports, has found that three such drinks available in the market had harmful content.

EAS Myoplex Original Dark Chocolate Shake and two versions of Muscle Milk chocolate drinks, the report claims, had high levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead.

The finding challenges senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition, Andrew Shao’s, claim that protein powders and drinks are a safe option for adolescents and pregnant women.

The Consumers Reports drew attention to the fact that federal regulations don't require compulsory testing of protein drinks and other dietary supplements, before they are sold, for contaminants.

"Most consumers and even many doctors don't realize that in this country we're left to simply trust the manufacturer to decide what level of quality and safety they'll provide," Discover News quoted Pieter Cohen, an internist at Cambridge Health Alliance, as saying.

Cadmium causes kidney and lung damage. Arsenic and lead cause cancer and brain damage.
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