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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nutritional Solutions to Emotional Problems

Nutritional Solutions to Emotional Problems

IF YOU, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW, HAS BEEN USING, OR HAS EVER USED, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS FOR MENTAL OR COGNITIVE PROBLEMS YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO - We have been using Nutritional Solutions to Emotional Problems in our Counseling Practice since the early 70s. On our website (below) you will find two excellent videos which show the value of OrthoMolecular PsychoPharmacology (natural molecules) in dealing with Mental Health issues, and support healthy bodies & brains, nutritionally. Ta pinto the latest research. Both videos are WELL worth watching!
Nutrition in Mental Health
Rich with research citations, and makes a convincing 3rd party argument for nutrition and supplements for all ages.
These videos encourage us to do a better job of getting the word out about New Research Supporting Nutritional Solutions For Emotional Problems. Let's create a tipping point where nutritional solutions are so well known that many, MANY more are helped NOW, before their children are put on more and more psychotropic drugs for “odd” behaviors, inattention, and improperly diagnosed ADD/ADHD, etc. There are NO SAFE DRUGS. ALL drugs have side effects. There are often better answers! Nutritional solutions have beneficial results!
Over the years we have helped numerous clients with bipolar and other mental health issues who were on multiple meds. With the introduction of full spectrum nutritional solutions, in conjunction with their health professionals, we have been able repeatedly to help them reduce or eliminate meds (and the inevitable side effects) and begin enjoying the quality of life that vibrant health brings. We want that for every family! Please take the time to watch & share! EAGER FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!

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