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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dramatic change in cost and delivery of counseling services

From Dr. Eugene J. Koprowski, MD, MA, LLM 

Dear Friend,

You know my colleagues, Sam and Bunny Sewell, and their pastoral psychotherapy practice, Best Self USA, the leading pastoral counseling clinic here in the Naples area.  (See News Release Below)  Like any practice, the clinic needs to grow to stay strong. We’d like your help with that!

We’re asking our clergy colleagues to refer to us parishioners, or others, who might benefit from counseling, whether it is for marital counseling and executive coaching (two of Rev. Sam and Bunny’s specialties) or drug and alcohol abuse counseling, grief counseling, or counseling of clergy, lay leaders and health care personnel, which are my specialties. We are available to clergy and lay leaders, both locally and nationwide. Many times Christian leaders are reluctant to talk about their stressful situations to fellow members, since confidentiality is of utmost concern.

House Calls – Via The Internet

By asking our colleagues to recommend us to potential new patients we do two things: first, we are able to spend more time on patient support, and second, we bring more people like you into our extended professional family, delivering counseling services to those who might not otherwise seek it out, or those whom you may not feel you have the time or expertise to help. As you know from your ministry, there are many souls in need of help who simply will not ask their own pastor for that help, out of discomfort. Sam and Bunny’s e-Therapy – offered via the Internet and telephone – makes pastoral counseling services available to the patients who need it most in the privacy of their own homes. These have the advantage of old-fashioned house calls, that can be accomplished via telephone or through 21st Century Skype/Internet technology.

Would you be kind enough to recommend us to congregants or friends you encounter who may be in need of pastoral counseling?  We will then send out a friendly letter of introduction, an overview of what we do, and a copy of our news release which is attached to this letter.

I am very pleased to be on board with Best Self USA. I have been a priest and pastoral counselor for more than a decade, with the Orthodox Church (Patriarchy of Kiev and All Russia, Diocese of Chicago.) I am a graduate of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, and a physician, trained at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, University of London, as well as.

I’ve been a staff clinician at a leading hospital in Chicago, and have also served as a consultant to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and U.S. Army Medical Command.

Working with Sam and Bunny – whom I met through the American Association of Pastoral Psychotherapists –  is  a pleasure. I am very enthused at their model of low-cost, high-impact Skype/Internet-based therapy, which makes pastoral counseling services available to patients at a dramatically reduced cost, and that can be delivered in the privacy of their own homes.

Best Regards, Dr. Eugene J. Koprowski, MD, MA, LLM


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Contact: Sam or Bunny Sewell
Press Kits Available for Feature Articles

Please watch this three minute You Tube video as a preview to an eagerly anticipated announcement. Dramatic change in cost and delivery of counseling services

You may also want to access this link that amplifies our therapeutic goal “Nutritional answers to emotional problems

We have been building this major project for many years, and have spent the last 11 months making our training materials available online. Now, we have finally launched the new Computer Assisted Therapy web siteBest Self USA

This revolutionary way of delivering services will enable more people to get the help they need at a dramatically reduced price.  The amount of money clients will save, compared to conventional therapy, is explained in detail on the new website. 

     Computer Assisted Services already available:
*Communications Skills
*Conflict Resolution Skills
*Parenting Skills
*Mood and Stress Management Skills
*Personality Types
*Personality Evaluation

Long Distance and Local Services

*Personalized Counseling with a live therapist
*Private Executive Coaching
*Biofeedback Coaching
*Youth & Student Services (MENSA Gifted Youth Coordinator)
*Marriage & Family Counseling (Husband and wife therapy team)    
*Substance abuse therapy (MD specializing)
*Clergy and Lay Leaders Support
*Grief Counseling
*Support and psychotherapy for veterans.  

And more on the way.

We want the community to know about this revolutionary Computer Assisted Website! Our hope is that it will enable many people to finally get the help that will enrich their lives, at a price they can afford.

Our sincere thanks to you for partnering with us in this important project!

Please help us spread the word by sharing this News Release!

Sam and Bunny Sewell
(Naples, FL) 239-591-4565

The staff at Best Self USA can help you become the best you can be!

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