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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving - Don't die-it! - Live it!

Don't die-it! - Live it! –

Losing inches & gaining health; NATURALLY

Some of you may recognize this as a "re-run", but this is a topic that is worth revisiting every holiday season.

"The Natural Advocate" for November

Fat people get sick and die sooner than fit people!
Now, that isn't breaking news, is it?
Losing inches and gaining health - naturally

The single most significant thing people can do to naturally prevent or reverse disease is to achieve a healthy weight.


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We have been eagerly awaiting publication of this important research we heard being presented at the Shaklee Global Conference.  Here it is, now made available to the public.

A Holiday Message from Dr. Steve Chaney, our favorite college professor.

While "Healthy Thanksgiving" doesn't quite have the appeal of the more familiar "Happy Thanksgiving" greeting, I used it here to make the point that Thanksgiving dinner (and many other holiday meals) doesn't have to be an unhealthy affair.

After all, there is a lot to like about the ingredients in Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey can be a healthy, low- fat meat, if prepared correctly. Sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash and pumpkin are all loaded with vitamin A and other important nutrients. And cranberries are a nutrition powerhouse.

Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving meal one that contributes to your health:

1) Skip the basting. Choose a plain bird and cook in a bag to seal in the moisture. Remove the skin before serving.

2) Refrigerate the turkey juices and skim off the hardened fat before making gravy and use a gravy cup that pours from the bottom to minimize fat.

3) Use ingredients like whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits (cranberries, raisins, dates or apples), nuts and your favorite spices for the stuffing and bake it in the oven rather than in the turkey.

4) Serve your sweet potatoes or yams baked rather than candied and let your guests add butter to taste.

5) Use skim milk or buttermilk rather than whole milk and skip the butter for your mashed potatoes.

6) Give your meal gourmet appeal by cooking your green vegetables with garlic, nuts and herbs rather than creamy or fat-laden sauces.

7) don't serve the meal on your largest plates. By using smaller plates you ensure smaller portion size and even that second helping isn't quite so damaging.

8) Use the Cinch meal replacement products for one or more meals the day before and/or after

Thanksgiving so that your total caloric intake over the three day period is not excessive.

By now you have the idea. There are lots of little things that you can do to make your Thanksgiving dinner one that your waist and your heart will thank you for.

Bon Appetit and have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

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