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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why Supplement? Common Mistakes - Best Choices

My name is Sam.  I used and abused my body for decades.  Then I had a heart attack.  The official diagnosis was that I needed a heart transplant.  In two years time I went from needing a heart transplant to being heart healthy without drugs or surgery.  Part of my regimen was nutritional supplementation.  Now I am on a mission to educate as may people as I can about the need for nutritional supplementation.  Why?  Because I found out that most disease can be prevented or reversed by changes in life style and putting high quality nutrition into our bodies.

 “Why Supplement?”
Below is the science that supports my mission.
Here is a new digital version of “Why Supplement” based on a Time magazine article on health.

View the full digital version here:

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Here is a short summary of the “Why Supplement?” brochure.
Since growing crops was taken over by agri-business, rather than family farms, crops are grown for their monetary value not their nutritional value.  The chart below is a small sample of the problem.  In general, foods that are mass marketed can not provide adequate nutrition to maintain your health.
Decline in nutrient value of crops from 1950 to 1999
    Protein  calcium   iron  Vit “A”     Vit “B” Vit “C”

This lack of adequate nutrition has led to startling increases in the incidence of disease over the last decade.  Longer studies show an even more dramatic increase in incidents of disease in many categories.
Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can prevent many major diseases 60-90% of the time.

The good news is that the very latest research verifies that you can positively influence your health every day through the lifestyle changes you make and through the quality of your nutritional intake.
A recent groundbreaking Landmark Study correlates long-term supplement use with better overall health.  People using a wide range of high-quality nutritional supplements for 20 years or more showed dramatic benefits compared to those who took just a one a day mass marketed multivitamin or no supplement at all.  These long-term supplement users were nearly four times more likely to describe their health as “very good” or excellent compared to other study participants.
Countless Studies Can’t Be Wrong!
Many of the world’s leading experts in medicine, biochemistry, and nutrition believe nutritional supplementation positively affects overall health.  Doctors from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, and researchers from the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Cancer Society can’t all be wrong!  If you know people who say “vitamins don’t do any good”, they are just plain wrong.

If you want to prevent illness or reverse health conditions be sure to get the most important nutrients your brain and body needs to function optimally.  The short list for these necessary nutrients is:
A multivitamin – Vitamin “D” – Calcium – “B” Vitamins – Vitamin “C” – Omega-3 fatty acids -  Antioxidants – and Probiotics

90% of Americans fall short in getting essential nutrients in our diets!
Warning: There is much misinformation and lack of knowledge about vitamin supplementation. Below is a helpful summary of research work being done by Dr. Michael Pazdon, at the University of New Hampshire. His report is as follows:
“Of the vitamin supplements being marketed in the United States today, we found that there are basically three types (1) Synthetic (chemical), (2) Crystallized (heat processed) and (3) Lyophilized (low temperature dehydration). These three types were tested by chromatograms prepared by the method of Pfeiffer (BioDynamics 50, 2t), with slight modification.
  • SYNTHETIC: These one a day type of multivitamins are a chemical vitamin isolate made from inorganic materials, i.e., petroleum by-products. Sold mainly in drugstores, these vitamins act as drugs in the body. They may set up toxic reactions, and thereby rob the body of its own storehouse of antibodies.  
  • CRYSTALLIZED: Commonly labeled “organic” or “natural,” these vitamins are isolates derived at least partly from a whole food (organic) source but processed by a less expensive, high temperature process. Products need be only 10% organic to legally carry the label “natural ingredients.” Most of the live enzymes necessary for absorption into the body have been destroyed in this type of vitamin. (Example: If we labeled a dead horse “natural and organic,” our label would be correct. If we wanted to ride him to town, however, we would be out of luck. “Organic and Natural” do not necessarily mean vital or “alive.”) Sold in some drug stores and most health food stores.
  • LYPOHILIZED: Whole food is dehydrated by a cold process, preserving the complex of vitamins, bioflavonoids and enzymes found in nature. Enzymes necessary for absorption into the body remain intact. The only company we could find marketing this type of supplement is Shaklee Corporation. Shaklee products are sold by independent distributors and are not available in retail stores.”
Shocking Revelation - Here is a summary chart of the comprehensive 20 year Landmark Study dome by the University of California at Berkley.  Note that people who used the one a day type of synthetic nutrients were more at risk for disease than those who did nothing at all.  The category with the lowest risk of disease used organically sourced, cold processed, natural nutrients.

The average person over age 65 has taken 19.1 prescriptions.

The average person 50 to 65 has taken 7.6 prescriptions.

The Shaklee user for 20+ years has taken 0.6 prescriptions. (avg. age 62)

To see the full Landmark Study click the link below

Technical Services Dept. Information Sheet
1. Shaklee’s Health Sciences researchers establish that there is a real need for a particular combination of nutrients. They do NOT simply react to faddy trends in the nutrition world.
2. Shaklee’s Product Development staff develop a stable, balanced formula reflecting the requirements identified by the health scientists. (They do NOT just make formulas with more of ingredient "X" than the competition.)
3. Raw ingredients are selected for each product using these criteria:
• They are from natural sources wherever possible (natural materials often contain other related beneficial compounds along with a particular nutrient).
• They must meet rigorous Shaklee quality standards for purity, potency and identity before being used in a batch of the product
4. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are added.
5. No preservatives are added.
6. Packaging materials are carefully selected and tested to give proper protection of the product throughout its shelf life. The shelf life is determined using scientific stability studies.
7. Products are made to pharmaceutical standards using Good Manufacturing Practices and employ controlled temperatures, pressures, humidity, etc., so that no loss of the product's nutrients or damage to naturally occurring enzymes will take place during manufacturing and packaging.
8. Every batch of product is subjected to Quality Control tests to ensure full compliance with Shaklee's finished product specifications.
9. Many products, in the research and development stage, are subjected to clinical studies with human volunteers to demonstrate that the dosage forms are effective in delivering the nutrients to the body. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
10. Full technical information about Shaklee products is made available to customers on request, e.g., ingredient listings, nutritional profiles, etc.

Changing brands Can Change Your Life and Save You Money
This is interesting: a line-by-line label cost comparison of Walgreens and GNC supplements compared to Shaklee Vitalizer, done on 1/14/11.  Both Walgreen’s and GNC supplements do not meet the quality standards of Shaklee so most people would expect to pay more for Shaklee
Note that GNC's multi contains no bioflavin, quercetin, nickel, tin, vanadium, or boron.  

Otherwise, to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals as Vitalizer, you would have to buy:
Walgreens- 30-day supply
Centrum Performance multivitamin/multimineral: $11.99 X 4
MegaRed omega fish oil: $29.99 X 2
Naturemade probiotic: $11.49 X 1
Total: $119.43

GNC- 30 day supply
Women's Ultramega: $39.99 X 1
Triple strength fish oil: $38.99 x 1
Ultra probiotic: $39.99 X 1
Total: $118.97

Vitalizer 1 box/30-day supply
Total:  $85 Member price ($76.50 on AutoShip)
Give Vitalizer a try!   Vitalizer Video:
A FREE Shaklee Membership with your first Vitalizer order.  Now you can use the highest quality nutrients, prevent and reverse disease, and if you refer new people to the Vitalizer program your Vitalizer can be free.   If you have an interest in a career as a Shaklee distributor we can show you how to do that too.
Unequaled quality (nobody comes close,) 90 years of research, 1000 tests on every batch, 90 peer-reviewed scientific articles, plus  better price and guaranteed results!
The Shaklee Difference, Video:

Those who take prescription medications need to be aware of the additional risk of drug induced nutritional deficiencies.  


Changing Brands Can Change Your Life (and your wallet!)

Live better with Shaklee ... helping people live since 1915!

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