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Sunday, June 12, 2011

ATTENTION: Non-Profit Supporters, Officers, and Directors

Dear Non-Profit Supporters,

Those of us who live in areas with tourist-based economies are very familiar with the challenge of providing year round facilities and services, while we experience reduced income for six months out of the year.  That challenge is made all the more difficult by our sluggish national economy.  Due to the current economic situation, there are more and more people who seriously need our help right now, at the same time that contributions are reduced.

We would like to offer your non-profit group an opportunity to create a revenue source that will address these problems with minimal administrative effort.  In addition to increasing revenues, this opportunity will benefit your organization, its supporters and the community at large.

The opportunity we would like to share with you creates a new income source by using the proven strategy of cause-motivated purchasing. Friends and supporters of your organization can redirect weekly retail products spending by purchasing higher quality, lower priced, GREEN alternatives. This is a volunteer opt-in program, with profits which once enriched the chain stores now being redirected into your bank account, even while your supporters are in the northern states for the summer!  What is even better is that this program is provided by Shaklee Corporation to non-profit organizations without cost.

We would like to meet with you to show you how this can be of benefit to your cause, as it is to a host of non-profit organizations around the country.

Below you will find several links which will give you more information.

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Here is our Shaklee on-line store.

Your store will be free of charge and look much the same, but we will need some photos and customizing touches to make it unique to your cause.  We know how to do that, and will help you make it happen.

Please pay attention to the values of Shaklee Corporation

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“Get Clean” organic cleaning products

Nearly everybody will appreciate the efficiency of the economical Shaklee cleaning products.

Shaklee cleaning products are always GREEN, always SAFE, and always WORK.

Shaklee cleaning products add zero pollution to the environment

Shaklee cleaning products add zero pollution to your home

Shaklee cleaning products are third party tested and perform better than mass marketed cleaning products

Shaklee cleaning products cost much less:


One gallon of Fantastic costs about $10 a gallon

One gallon of Seventh Generation (organic) costs about $24 a gallon

One gallon of Shaklee “Get Clean” costs 22 cents a gallon

Full cost comparison chart here: Follow link and click the + to increase size

Why are cleaning products important to our health? VIDEO

Shaklee is the first company in the world to be certified “climate neutral” by the EPA.

In short; once people experience Shaklee products, they are eager to make the switch to save money, be healthier and help their cause, all at the same time.

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Shaklee nutritional products are the highest quality in the industry, which is what makes Shaklee the largest natural nutrition company in the world.

Here is why:



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Personal Fitness

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Here are two short explanations of how the plan works:

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Looking forward to meeting with you to explain the details:

Sam and Bunny

Phone 239-591-4565 (Best Self USA)


Please review this info. Then let’s arrange an appointment...

Through our Internet Service Center we are able to serve customers no matter where they live. Visit our Internet Service Center, call us at 239.591.4565, or email us

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