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Friday, July 2, 2010

Children's Health Meeting Monday July 12 at 7 PM - Audio, Video and Articles

Children are the most

precious gift in the


Keep your little ones healthy & safe ...
with ShakleeBaby & ShakleeKids nutritional & personal care products.
Always safe, always gentle, always healthy!
Learn how to reduce toxins that affect toddlers & pets.

Parents/Grandparents Seminar
Monday July 12th, 7-8:30 PM
(little ones welcome)

10202 Vanderbilt Dr
(NE corner at 102nd Ave)
Naples, Fl 34108
For reservations call :

Please RSVP 239-591-4565

Living in harmony with nature!

Below are some resources to prepare you for Monday evening’s Parent/Grandparent Seminar.
Bring everyone who cares @ raising healthy little ones! (LMK how many to plan on!)

Here is a 30 minute audio discussion on the science supporting children’s health: AUDIO

Share this 2 minute presentation on personal care and nutritional products for babies: VIDEO

Health Sciences Bulletin concerning the stresses of Motherhood! (What ARE they talking about?!?) J ARTICLE

Reducing children’s risk from toxic household chemicals: ARTICLE

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