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Friday, May 28, 2010

Chemicals in our bodies, & What We Can Do - CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL VIEW

Untested Toxic Chemicals in Your Home? Yes They Are. - Toxic Ignorance is Not Bliss -

Why I'm Outraged About BPA and Other Chemicals, & What We Can Do

We live in a society that, if anything, seems too full of rules and regulations. But that means we can trust the products that come to market; they’ve been analyzed and researched and exposed to exhaustive, long-range testing, right?

Wrong. Most of the synthetic chemicals we live with—and some are so pervasive that they are now in the bodies of virtually all Americans—are under-tested and under-regulated. Those bottles, those non-stick pans, shampoos and lotions, those cleaning products—so much of the stuff of everyday life—may, in fact, be harmful to our health. All those times I nestled a warm bottle into my hungry child’s mouth, I may have been exposing him to toxic substances.

"Without agreeing to it...we have become the chemical industry’s guinea pigs."

You're only as healthy as you can be when your home is as healthy as it can be. That's why home should be the safest, cleanest, healthiest place in the whole world.

Get Clean Products: Always Green - Always Works -Always Safe -
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Sloan Barnett on BGTV on Going Green with Shaklee Get Clean

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