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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Things Mean a Lot! -

Little Things Mean a Lot!
by Sam Sewell, PhD

We are so very grateful for the way that Vivix has helped bring about major improvements for so many people since its introduction in August 2008.

Of course big things are happening with Vivix, however my big eye opening experience happened before Vivix was introduced to the public. I went from needing a heart transplant to full heart health in just two years without drugs or surgery. Videos explaining that welcome revolution in my life are at: The book we wrote on the subject can be ordered in print or PDF download at:

I am pleased to report that since my recovery I haven’t had any “big” problems on which to base an extraordinarily noteworthy or astonishingly remarkable Vivix testimonial. I am certain that the “Total Life Saving Regimen” which resulted in the reversal of my heart disease is also playing an important role in the prevention of other significant health problems along with starting Vivix when it was first released..

As we age there is a cluster of minor symptoms that most people assume are a natural part of growing old. Using Vivix has caused me to question that assumption. At nearly seventy years of age I have noticed lots of little improvements, and collectively, “little things mean a lot.”

Age spots – A few months after I began using Vivix I got an Email from Dr Sandy Bevacqua reporting that the age spots on her hands had vanished. In July 2008 I had used my computer scanner to make an image of the ‘thumbs up’ gesture. I looked at that “before” image of my hand and there were the age spots. When I got Dr Bevacqua’s email, I looked down at my hands. No age spots!  “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?

Dry eyes – I had adjusted to the reduction of natural moisture in my eyes the last few years by buying several bottles of eye drops at a time and using them every few hours. Since I began using Vivix, the natural moisture in my eyes has returned and I no longer buy or use eye drops. “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?
Night vision – As a former Navy aviator I am very aware of the problems associated with a reduction in night vision. I no longer pilot an aircraft, but I love driving my trophy-winning muscle car at night. I began to notice the symptoms of reduced night vision, and had reluctantly adjusted to no more “midnight rambling.” Since taking Vivix, my vividly sharp “pilots” night vision has returned, and now I am comfortable going for late night cruises, just to hear the purr or roar of my five liter V-8. Other car nuts can see a photo of “Black Beauty” on my Shaklee personal web page at “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?
Aches and pains – When I was about twenty-five years old I jumped across a small creek while out hunting. I landed on the other side and injured my left ankle. For more than forty years I had experienced chronic pain in that ankle, and a consistent “click” when I did range of motion movements. Since beginning Vivix the click and the pain have completely disappeared.  “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?

I continued to be troubled by residual shoulder pain from the heart medications, although I had discontinued them over a year before. I realized recently that I am now exercising pain free.

Hair darker – Several people have commented that my gray hair appears darker recently.
More restful sleep – Like many people my age, I was experiencing irregular sleep patterns. my new regimen has resulted in more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep at night. I also notice that it does not take me as long to “wake up” in the mornings, and that my overall attitude is a lot more upbeat.  “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?
Infections and fungus – Since I began using Vivix my toenail fungus is gone. Nor have I experienced my usual gum infections for months.  “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows?
Psoriasis – Since high school I have battled with psoriasis. Since my doctorate is in the behavioral sciences, not the physical sciences, I have lots to learn about health. One of the things I have learned is that both psoriasis and heart disease are inflammatory ailments. The effect of my new health regimen on my psoriasis is probably the most significant indicator of improved health. I took photos of my psoriasis-inflamed legs.
The psoriasis is not totally gone but it is improved so dramatically that the camera can now barely detect the inflammation. When my skin is completely healed I will take new photos and post them on our health sciences blog. “Total Life Saving Regimen”, or Vivix, who knows.?
These small improvements are most likely the result of an increase in fundamental overall healthiness. Vivix heals cells from the inside out, so I am not surprised that small solutions are the result of big changes in my body.

See this slide presentation for more information on VIVIX:

We did a full spectrum review of the science that supports longevity research and the break through Shaklee product; VIVIX!
"The Natural Advocate" - Longevity - Youth - Resveratrol - Polyphenols - and the Giant Grape
And here is a picture of the “Giant Grape”:

Bunny and Sam Sewell

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